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“The way to get people to build a ship is not to teach them carpentry, assign them tasks, and give them schedules to meet; but to inspire them to long for the infinite immensity of the sea.”

– Antoine de Saint-Euxupéry, the author of “The Little Prince”

As featured on the Wichita Mom Blog, written by Mrs. Laura Bair, Preschool Teacher.

Dear Prospective Preschool Parents,

I remember the feelings you are probably having right now. You see, I am not just a preschool teacher, I, too, am a parent. My children were my most precious gifts who I was entrusting to another person for a large chunk of the day. Like you, I wanted to do all the right things to make sure my children would absolutely thrive in preschool and beyond.

As a preschool teacher for the last seventeen years, I have seen a lot of changes. When I first started teaching, parents would often apologize that their children didn’t already know their alphabet or numbers or couldn’t write their name. My message to them was always this: That is MY job. That’s why your child is going to preschool. By the time your child finishes preschool, she will recognize her upper and lower case letters by sight, randomly, and be able to write the letters. She will know her numbers to ten, randomly. She will also know her colors and shapes. The most important thing to remember is that education is a journey, and your child will get there. As his preschool teacher, I will make SURE of that.

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