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7515 East 13th, Wichita, KS 67206

School Office Hours:
8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
When School is in Session

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About us

“There are two types of education: one should teach us how to make a living, and the other should teach us how to live.”

– John Adams

About Christ the
Savior Academy

Christ the Savior Academy is a classical, Christian school, which spans from Junior Kindergarten (4-year-olds) through 8th grade. Our curriculum combines the best of secular culture with the wisdom of the Church to teach a student to read well, write well, think well, and live well. The classical approach is a time-tested model used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans and continued through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance up to the beginning of the 20th century. It was the education of our Founding Fathers. Schools such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Eton have used the classical method to produce leaders for centuries.

We believe that children are spiritual beings. Therefore education must be more than merely a preparation for worldly success; it should also be a training of the mind, body, and soul for a well-ordered life, aiming towards the inheritance of the Kingdom of God. We believe that parents, Church, and school should work together to lay a strong foundation for the child’s life.

Class Size

At CSA, classes are kept intentionally small because we believe learning best happens in a setting where conversations are encouraged, instruction is individual and personalized, and a healthy rapport exists between teacher and student.

The student to teacher ratio at Christ the Savior Academy is about 10 to 1. We do our best to keep the maximum to twelve students per class, and classes with fewer than six students may be combined.


The mission of Christ the Savior Academy is to train the mind of the student to recognize unchanging truth and to instruct the soul in virtue by an immersion in both a classical curriculum and historic Orthodox Christian spirituality. Our students will enjoy preparation for higher education, for future vocation, for faithful living, and for eternity.

Before beginning a building project it is important to have a blueprint. So let’s begin with the end in mind. Here is the mold for students at Christ the Savior Academy:

  • We seek to form thorough literacy, self-discipline, academic rigor, and insightful thinking in our students.
  • We seek to make the student aware of Truth as an unchanging, sovereign, and spiritual reality.
  • We seek to make the student aware of Truth as an unchanging, sovereign, and spiritual reality.
  • We seek to establish the student upon a firm foundation in Jesus Christ, who is the beginning and end of all knowledge.


Preparation for the Academy began in 1995, when St. George broke ground on the educational wing just west of its cathedral at 13th and Rock Road. Christ the Savior Academy is a dream driven by Orthodox parents in Wichita, KS who desire that their children be educated in a classical way – mind, body, and soul. In 2012, after much strategic planning, Christ the Savior Academy opened its doors to its first 18 students. Since then, the school has grown significantly in numbers, but has kept its familial environment where students are nurtured to become all that God has created them to be.

Orthodox Christianity

What is Orthodox Christianity?

While Christ the Savior Academy welcomes families from a variety of faith traditions, the Academy is rooted in the Orthodox Christian Faith. The Orthodox Church finds its beginnings with Christ and the apostles and continues an unbroken tradition through two millennia. The word “Orthodox” literally means “right belief” or “right worship.” The Orthodox Church carefully guards the truth against all error, to protect its flock and to glorify Christ.

What do Orthodox Christians believe?

The Orthodox Christian faith is centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ, who is both fully God and fully man. The focus of Orthodox doctrine is on Christ’s incarnation, His life, His teachings, His passion and life-giving death, His third-Day resurrection and His glorious ascension. Orthodox Christians hold the Bible to be the sacred and divinely-inspired record of God’s self-revelation to humanity, and this revelation to have been preserved and passed down in the holy Tradition of the Church. They believe that Christ formed His Church by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, and that the Spirit continues to be alive and active in the Church to this day.

Are other faiths welcome?

We welcome ALL children, including those from other faiths and backgrounds. The faculty and trustees are committed to a classical curriculum centered on Scripture and the unchanging, historic teachings of the Orthodox Christian Church. If you have any questions about those teachings, please contact us. We are happy to schedule a time to answer them.

How is faith incorporated into my child’s day?

Prayer is the breath of the soul. Every day, our students ask that the Creator of the Universe illumine them. Students read the scripture and memorize it. The saints, in their lives, are lifted up as heroes for us to emulate. The Christian faith is woven into every subject our students study. The feast days of the Church remembering important events in our Lord’s life – are kept by the students, and the school celebrates them in regular Divine Liturgies. In short, our students participate fully in the life of the Church.

What Parents Say

“There is a wonderful quote from the book The Liberal Arts Tradition, ‘The culture of the school educates as much as its curriculum.’ Christ the Savior Academy has an excellent curriculum; we couldn’t be happier with the expansive array of subjects that our children are being taught and the cultivation of wonder and curiosity developed therein. However brightly the academics of Christ the Savior Academy may shine, it is the culture of the school that has our hearts. It is a culture of generosity, respect, kindness and true friendship. For what more could we ask?”


Oscar and Alanna Tran, parents of three CSA children

“Christ the Savior Academy is the hidden jewel of Wichita private schools and parents – who like us – seek a way of educating their children with a framework that inspires and develops a true love of learning will be impressed with the paragon they find. While at Christ the Savior, we have seen our children challenged academically and spiritually by a Christ-centered curriculum, encouraged by invested teachers and surrounded by a staff with true servants’ hearts.”


B.J. and Michaela Klausmeyer, parents of two CSA children

“We feel so blessed to be a part of CSA and have seen firsthand how classical education principles provide such a solid foundation for our children. The CSA community is built on faith, love, and hope, each of which is instilled in the children who pass through the CSA halls everyday. The elementary years are certainly precious times, and we’re confident the CSA program is doing its part to help establish a road for future success for our children.”


Justin Elkouri, parent of two CSA children

“We love that Christ and Creation are at the center of everything our children learn. The school is small enough that all grade levels and teachers interact and know each other well. CSA can feel more like a family rather than a school.”


Dr. and Mrs. Chris and Heather Cassidy, parents of three CSA children